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Our bite-sized wellbeing workshops provide interactive and engaging content covering a wide range of topics associated with mental health and wellbeing.

These workshops are designed to educate, inspire and empower people to make positive changes to enhance their health and wellbeing and contribute towards creating happier thriving workforces and communities.

How long are the workshops?
Each workshop is 60 mins in duration, including Q&A at the end. You can request a recording of the webinar for use after the live delivery (additional costs may incur).


Our mental health & wellbeing workshops:

    • 5 ways to wellbeing – In this workshop/series of workshops we reflect on a set of evidence-based wellbeing actions known as the 5 ways to wellbeing: Connect, Be active, Take notice, Give and Keep learning. We explore the science behind how each of these actions can enhance our wellbeing and we look at ways to better incorporate them into our lives.
      Note: this workshop can be delivered as a 5 part series or as one workshop
    • Managing stress & anxiety – In this workshop we look at what happens when we experience stress and anxiety and how they can impact the way we think, feel and behave. We teach participants how to better recognise, manage and reduce both stress and anxiety using various tools and strategies.
    • Building resilience – In this workshop we help to educate and empower participants to discover and maximise levels of resilience. We show participants that with improved self-awareness and practice, they can continue to strengthen and develop their abilities to be resilient in the face of most challenging situations.
    • Sleep hygiene – In this workshop we explore the science of sleep and its important role in overall health and happiness. We provide practical advice and strategies to promote healthier sleep.
    • Food & mood – In this workshop we look at the relationships between mental health and nutrition and how making healthier nutritional choices can lead to enhanced health and wellbeing.
      Power of the breath – In this workshop we look at how we can tap into our respiratory system to get more out of our breath. We explore different breathing techniques and look at the science of what is happening in our mind and body and the positive impact they can have on our mental health and wellbeing.


Please contact the training team on their page here: Lunch & Learn Workshops | Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster (bwwmind.org.uk)


Last reviewed/updated on 06/06/2024.

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