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Primary Schools

Young people are the future, literally! We are all about telling them that it is ok not to feel ok and the importance of sharing feelings of love, hate, fear, etc. After all they are the future parents, doctors, teachers and leaders of our country!

Secondary School and Further Education

Designed by young people, for young people, our workshops address the effects of emotional and mental health issues in a fun and interactive way. We aim to encourage young people to open up and talk about how they feel. The two key messages are that it is OK not to feel ok and there is always a way. 98% of young people who have taken part in our workshops have felt more confident in sharing how they feel after taking part.

Teacher & Staff Training

Supporting young people through their education can be difficult, especially with all the pressures that come with growing up. We are able to offer training to staff on how to spot the signs that a young person may be struggling, how to support them and also the importance of referring to other services. We have a vast knowledge of experience and are able to tailor the training to fit your needs.


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Location: County Durham

Last reviewed/updated on 06/06/2024.

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