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Training from the National Bereavement Service

Whether it’s a family member, friend, colleague, or customer, gain the skills to give them invaluable support at a time when they’ll need it most.

If you’re one of millions communicating with bereaved people and you want to learn how to help more effectively, our training courses will give you guidance and resources to better understand the grief and bereavement experience.

  • Emergency services providers
  • NHS Trusts
  • Private healthcare providers
  • Care organisations
  • Charities
  • Funeral sector businesses
  • Customer-facing team members in any type of business

National Bereavement Service deliver bespoke bereavement training sessions to organisations and individuals ranging from charities and hospices to large, blue-chip businesses looking to improve their customer care.

Sessions are tailored to your organisation, ensuring your people gain the relevant, practical skills to help them day-to-day More information about bereavement training for groups and organisations.

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Topics we typically train

✔️       Introduction to the experiences of bereaved people
✔️       Practical tasks to be completed following a death
✔️       The psychological experience of grief
✔️       Having sensitive conversations
✔️       Accessing the right support, and where to find it

We’re recommended!

“This was exactly the sort of information we were looking for when we contacted you. The comments section was going off the hook with people stating that they’d found the session helpful and reassuring, even someone saying it had lessened their anxiety around this topic. The training was brilliant, I feel far more educated and up to speed in the bereavement space and I think a lot of our colleagues will benefit hugely from this” Department for Transport, Senior Policy Advisor

“Overall, we all found that the training made us think about how we might support patients more appropriately going forward and we gained so much knowledge and insight. We would highly recommend the training to other organisations” Link Worker, Social Prescribing


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The National Bereavement Service’s FREE guides and checklists contain expert help for anyone who’s experienced, or who is supporting someone through, a bereavement.

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The National Bereavement Service supports anyone who has experienced a bereavement with practical and emotional advice from professional bereavement advisors with real, lived experience.