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Wanting to feel confident talking about LGBTQ+ topics. Unsure about how to make LGBTQ+ people more included at home and at work? Wondering about the importance of pronouns. The join our Training Academy and become a champion for diversity!

LGBT Foundation’s Training Academy is for anyone wanting to increase their knowledge and confidence of LGBTQ+ inclusion at home, at work and in the community.

We offer a range of modules and packages to support your learning, no matter how much prior knowledge and experience you have with LGBTQ+ people. Training modules are live, interactive group sessions with the opportunity to ask questions throughout and anonymously. Each module is around 90 minutes to two hours each. Modules can be booked individually or you can book all 10 as part of the Champions package.

Modules available include:

  • LGBT 101: Terminology, legislation and inequalities
  • Trans and Non-binary inclusion
  • Asking LGBT inclusive questions and having challenging conversations
  • Being an LGBT ally at home, at work and in the community
  • LGBT health inequalities, access and signposting
  • Multiply Marginalised: Intersectionality in practice
  • Understanding discrimination, hate crime and minority stress
  • Making LGBT People Count: Monitoring Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Trans Status
  • LGBT inclusive workplaces
  • LGBT Leadership

Champion Package

The Champion package is ideal for anyone wanting to visibly and strategically demonstrate their commitment to supporting LGBT communities and become an ambassador for the Training Academy programme and LGBT Foundation community leaders.

The Champion Package gives you:

  • Full access to the 10 training programme modules with up to 20 hours’ worth of learning and development
  • 1 hour assessment session
  • Post-assessment support
  • Bronze, Silver or Gold Training Academy Champion accreditation

Bespoke Packages

Embracing diversity, promoting equity and providing inclusive spaces is important within every workplace. However, no two sectors or businesses are the same and the application of these principles will look different in every industry. For this reason, we offer bespoke training packages for business and organisations wishing to train large groups and teams (approximately 6-30 people).

Investing in the training academy will enable your staff to:

  • Confidently understand and respond to their responsibilities under UK legislation e.g. Equality Act 2010
  • Understand the inequalities and barriers experienced by LGBT people within your industry
  • Identify areas for collaboration, development and inclusion within the workplace, including around policies and recruitment



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