Introduction Document

Our aim with the toolkit and the suite of resources you will find within it, is to offer suicide bereavement support services such as yourselves with all the support and guidance you might need, when undertaking an evaluation. This supporting document will provide a foundation of understanding to allow you… Read More


The monitoring and evaluation toolkit consists of several resources, looking at many different topics. The glossary consists of definitions for terms used across all the documents within the toolkit. Read More

Existing Webinars and Guidance

Please find below links to existing guidance on the topic of monitoring and evaluation.   You can find the link to the National Suicide Prevention Alliance’s guidance document on ‘Evaluating Suicide Bereavement Services’ here:   Our existing webinar on ‘Outcome Measures’ can be found here:… Read More

Checklist of Data

This document has some suggestions for measures that would be helpful to collect as part of your service delivery, so that the measures collected are useful to you. We are sharing some suggestions as highlighted to us, from some of our members that are commissioned services across the country. They… Read More

Service User Experience

Within this resource, you will find questions that can be asked to gain insight into overall service user experience. The document goes into questions that can be asked for individuals, groups, and a mix of both open-ended and closed questions as well. The document offers guidance on the use of… Read More

Service User Outcome – Questionnaires

Within this resource, you will find recognised scales to measure mental wellbeing, mental health, aspects of grief, or social functioning. They might be measures that are relevant and/or useful for your service, depending on your service model. Please note we are only providing the information below for the purposes of… Read More

Timeline Template

This resource showcases an example evaluation timeline, highlighting the different stages within an evaluation and the importance of ensuring monitoring takes place throughout. The document also includes a blank version of the template, to allow you to fill in the blanks with information relating to your own evaluation journeys. Read More

Case Study Template

This resource provides you with guidance for creating case studies. The document offers a case study template, along with suggestions on format, reminders for content permissions and points on safeguarding. Read More