Section 2- Service standards

The standards are presented in 7 core themes, each of which reflects a number of individual standards. The standards are not presented in any order of importance but, where possible, reflect a pathway. 

It is intended that the standards can be used interactively, using a (RAG) rating system, which would allow services to measure themselves against the standards and develop local action plans to address their own priority areas. 

For each element of the standard we intend to provide examples of what evidence might be used to show the standard has been achieved and will also include resources that can be used to help meet the standard, which might include; guidance documents, protocols, quality outcome measures and an evaluation framework. 

The standards have been presented in 2 levels: 

Level 1 standards – these would be expected to be in place for services delivering suicide bereavement support, or for robust plans in place to meet the standards in year 1 

Level 2 standards- developmental standards, whilst many established services will already be achieving these standards ……… 

The inclusion of standard levels aims to recognise that services may be different sizes and stages of maturity and therefore for some there may be areas of the service that need to be further developed to achieve the level 2 standards, however there it would be expected that all services would be achieving level 1 standards or have plans in place to achieve these.

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