What does a successful bid look like?

Just like a service model, a good bid will be based on local evidence and need. Our experience shows that there are a number of common headings that should be used to create a compelling picture of need when putting together your funding bid. Just a few of these are below, but the hub has much more detail on funding proposals here.

  • Area covered by your bid; population and demographics, data on suicide rates, expected demand for the service.
  • Governance and delivery; structures and scope for the service, with model of delivery outlined where possible. Funders will pay particular attention to evidence of multi-agency partnership in the scoping, delivery and governance of a service.
  • Lived experience; outlining how your service will involve and include bereaved people in all facets of its work.
  • Real Time Surveillance; your current or planned ways of working with police and coroner’s offices to use Real Time Data
  • Leadership; bio and experience of those in a leadership role within the service
  • Evidence of local commitment; it is essential to show how the service will fit into the current landscape in your area, with the support of those agencies and organisations that will be essential to success.
  • Sustainable funding plans; ways of ensuring a sustainable and long-term service
  • Monitoring an evaluation; not an add-on, but a vital part of any service delivery model, using Public Health England’s guidelines as a baseline